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We know first-hand how this process can be exhausting, draining, and stressful. Whether you are the addict or a family member, you have suffered enough. Everyone who you will be in touch with, has gone through this process themselves...

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Welcome to RestNRehab

        At RestNRehab, we know the process of addiction and recovery first-hand. Whether you or a family member are suffering from addiction, you have suffered enough and came seeking a great change. We understand that each individual that is looking for help has different needs. Therefore, each patient requires a different approach to their treatment.
        Our Mission and overall goal is to help all those in need of recovery, making a true difference in their lives, which will lead to long-term recovery. With love and compassion and with a respectful, honest communication, we cover all aspects of the physical, emotional, and spiritual issues involved in the addiction and recovery process.
        As you walk through the path of sober living, we hope to share our experiences, hope, wisdom, and joy for life with you.  

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We take great care and pride in the service that we provide. We provide a multitude of services before, during, and after the rehab process. Most importantly, you will not pay anything extra by going through RestNRehab, in fact...

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Why Israel?

​​Israel is regarded as a world leader in medicine, ranking above the United States in every category. Israeli doctors and specialists work on individual programs for each patient, creating a very high success rate...

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